BudgetVM Review

BudgetVM at a Glance:

BudgetVM provides Virtual Private Server (VPS),  dedicated servers and affordable backup solutions on a global scale.
In Service Since:  2007
Number of Datacenters: 5

Yearly Growth: 500%

Services offered:

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Dedicated Server
Backup Storage


Virtual Private Server (VPS):

BudgetVM offers four kinds of VPS:

1. SSD VPS (openVZ):

Scalable SSD VPS are powered by openVZ. SSD storage arrays with block-level striping for increased read/write performance and industry-standard full drive mirroring for fault-tolerance. The result is in a balanced increase in both redundancy and performance.

BudgetVM SSD VPS Packages

2. Linux VPS (openVZ):

OpenVZ Linux VPSs are fully scalable. Available at a very competitive rate according to industry standard. VPSs are packed with resources and pricing starts at as low as $1.25/month.

BudgetVM Linux Openvz VPS

3. Linux VPS (XEN):

Xen provides higher performance than openVZ and hardware resources are better utilized. Virtual machines are truly isolated from one another and over usage of resources by one node doesn’t affect other nodes in the same machine. Xen Linux VPSs are fully scalable – meaning you can always increase VPS resources according to your need.

BudgetVM Linux Xen VPS packages

4. Windows VPS (Xen):

Powered by Xen – BudgetVM Windows VPSs are one of the cheapest in the industry. The robust BudgetVM implementation of Xen allows for a high level of customization including the ability to enable TUN/TAP and the ability to use Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and Windows 2012 with the click of a button.

BudgetVM Windows Xen VPS packages


BudgetVM Dedicated Servers

BudgetVM uses Supermicro to ensure high quality hardware. Other component manufacturers include Western Digital and Intel for hard drives, LSI for RAID cards, and Intel for all of our processors. All systems are equipped with built-in IPMI for remote management. BudgetVM uses Gold certified power supply units to ensure the most efficient, environment-friendly servers.

BudgetVM has hundreds of gigabits of connectivity, over a dozen bandwidth carriers blended into the mix, over half a million IP addresses, and rack-level multi-gigabit connectivity.

BudgetVM Single processor Dedicated Server

BudgetVM dual processor Dedicated Server

BudgetVM hardware Raid Dedicated Server


Software, Control Panels, Addons Pricing For VPS:

Control Panels:

cPanel:  $11/month
Plesk: 10 Domains:  $6/month, 100 Domains: $9/month, Unlimited Domains: $13/month
Plesk with Powerpack:  $11/month, 100 Domains: $15/month, Unlimited Domains: $19/month
Directadmin: $5/month
InterWorx Unlmited Domains: $9.50/month

Additional IP: $1/month each.


BudgetVM Remote Server Backup

All backup plans provided by BudgetVM are based out of their Los Angeles Datacenter and offer the following functionality and features:

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Reliable Uptime
  • FTP Connectivity
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Secure Authentication
  • RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • All File Types Supported

BudgetVM Remote server Backup


Software, Control Panels, Addons Pricing For Dedicated Servers:

Control Panels:

cPanel:  for VPS – $35/month
Plesk: 10 Domains  $15/month, 100 Domains: $30/month, Unlimited Domains: $50/month
Plesk with Powerpack:  10 Domains $30/month, 100 Domains: $45/month, Unlimited Domains: $65/month
Directadmin: $20/month

Additional IP
5 IP –       $5/month
13 IP –     $10/month
29 IP –    $20/month
61 IP –    $30/month
125 IP – $40/month
253 IP – $50/month

1000 Mbps Port: $50/month


Reseller Program:

3-5 Servers – 5% Discount, 6-10 Servers – 8% Discount, 11-15 Servers – 10% Discount, 16-20 Servers – 15% Discount, 21+ Servers – 20% Discount

Affiliate Program:

Linux VPS – 15%
Windows VPS – 20%
Dedicated Server, Single Processor – 8%
Dedicated Server, Dual Processor – 12%
Affiliate commissions are earned monthly for the life of the referral. Payout minimum $50.



Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Live Chat, Ticketing System, Phone: 877-378-3769, +1-702-965-1615.

Official website: http://www.budgetvm.com

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  1. Steve says:

    Budgetvm support is worst. It takes 10-12 hours or even a day to get a ticket reply. Not a good choice for beginners.

  2. Peter says:

    You can’t and should not expect much from their support. Specially the pricing they offer is crazy and they simply can’t afford good support with that pricing. But Budgetvm is good for experts who can manage their own server or VPS. I use budgetvm remote server backup for backing up my hosting accounts in my vps which is with burstnet. Burstnet also offers backup – but the cost is not as good as budgetvm.

  3. James says:

    I had a great experience there.

    – Uptime
    – Cheap VPS
    – Fast

    – Said instant setup, but took 10 minutes
    – management package is too expensive ($50/mo on $3 vps)
    – Netherlands location closed

    All said and done, I’d recommend it to anyone. You get a lot for your dollar.

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