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BudgetVM – Best price for server backup Storage

If you have a VPS or a Dedicated server – you definitely need to get a backup storage for the hosting accounts in that vps or dedicated server. I don’t think I need to mention why you need those backup. Many a shared hosting providers manage the backup on behalf of their client. But for VPS or Dedicated server – it is the responsibility of the VPS or Dedicated server owner to manage the backup.

I have experience with many a hosting companies – but I must admit BudgetVM provides very good backup storage at the minimum cost. I have had a bitter experience with BudgetVM VPS, but their server backup plans are really good.

BudgetVM Backup Specifications

All backup plans provided by BudgetVM are based out of their Los Angeles Datacenter and offer the following functionality and features:

Easy to upgrade
Reliable Uptime
FTP Connectivity
cPanel & SSH enabled
Accessible Anywhere
Secure Authentication
RAID protected
Unlimited bandwidth
All File Types Supported

BudgetVM Backup Packages

BudgetVM Remote server Backup


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