15 Must Know Amazon EC2 Facts | Must Watch for Beginners

15 Must Know Amazon EC2 Facts | Must Watch for Beginners

This video is part of our course titled “20 Must know things about EC2 and 10 Must Do Labs” that you can buy on our website: https://learn.cloudyeti.io/courses/master-ec2-with-10-labs

In this video, we go over the basics and must know things about Amazon EC2 for any beginner cloud practitioner. This will help you prepare for AWS certification exams like the Solutions Architect associate.

Course files: https://github.com/Cloud-Yeti/aws-ec2-course

We go over some concepts that we’ve gone in more details in another video:
1) 17:45 Custom Cloudwatch Metrics for EC2:

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Top 5 tips to prepare for the AWS associate exams:
1) Practice with hands on exercises (build VPC from scratch and so on)
2) Focus on the core services ( EC2, S3, VPC, Route 53, RDS) and don’t worry too much about smaller topics. Although it is good to be comfortable with every topic, the exam focuses on the core services,
3) The passing score is around 67% which means that you can miss about 15-18 questions and still pass.
4) Watch AWS Reinvent Videos which is one of the best resources on AWS. If you are unsure on a topic, watch several videos on the topic to gain familiarity with the topic.
5) Complete sample exams: buy the official practice exam and find any other practice exam questions and practice as much as you can.

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