Creating cPanel URL Redirects Tutorial 2016

Creating cPanel URL Redirects Tutorial 2016

In this cPanel tutorial we will cover how to create and manage cPanel URL Redirects.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. In this video we are going to cover how to set up URL redirects.

Okay, so we’ve logged into our cPanel and we need to go down to the domains panel in our cPanel home area. Once at the domains panel, you need to select redirects. This will take us through to the redirects interface where you’ll be met with a set of options to set up your redirect.

The first one is the type. Do you want it to be a permanent 301 redirect or a temporary 302? The main difference with these two, apart from one being permanent one being temporary, is that a permanent redirect will encourage visitors to update any bookmarks they have in their browser.

Underneath that is the domain that you wish to have redirected. You can have all public domains or you can select a domain underneath. We have our demo domain here which we can select. You then select the domain you wish to redirect to and you enter it into this text field here. Underneath that it gives you a set of options. Only redirect with www., redirect with or without www., do not redirect with www.. I recommend that you choose the middle one giving maximum choice and flexibility.

Underneath these three we have the wildcard redirect option. Checking the wildcard redirect box will redirect all files within our directory to the same file name in the redirected directory. You cannot use a wildcard redirect to redirect your main domain to a different directory on your site. Once you’ve made that decision, if you want that on or off, click add and your redirect will be illustrated in the table at the bottom of the page.

That is how you redirect to another domain. That’s it for this video guys. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.

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