iPad Email Configuration

iPad Email Configuration

If you own an iPad and would like to configure you email account with your device, follow this tutorial. This will show you how to configure your phone with SSL/TLS, which can be toggled to ‘OFF’. However, if you are going to use SSL you will need to change your incoming and outgoing servers to the cpXXX.blacksun.ca. The server-specific numbers can be found in your control panel under the mail tab in your ’email accounts’. From here you can select the ‘More’ option select ‘Configure Email Client’ — here you will find the settings you require to set up SSL correctly.

You can configure you email client to be either POP3 or IMAP — this is dependant on which you prefer, you can find more information here about the specifications of each.

If you run into any issues or are having problems, please contact our Support Team. https://support.blacksun.ca/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

For other great video tutorials, please visit our knowledgebase. https://support.blacksun.ca/

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