Working with DynamoDB and Elasticsearch  | AWS | Angular

Working with DynamoDB and Elasticsearch | AWS | Angular

Hey Guys,
Thank you very much for your beautiful comments for my videos on the channel. That encouraged me to do more series and videos on Cloud Computing.
Let me tell you guys the other video series that you can watch on this channel. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

AWS Cloud Workshop (This is the latest one)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (I had much fun creating this)

Building a complete app with AWS (Here I create a profile app with AWS Amplify library)

Building an E-Commerce Application (A complete series on best practices and implementation when building enterprise applications. Highly recommended)

AWS AppSync Series (Forget REST and Embrace GraphQL)

Building intelligent chatbot series (I love this series)

Containers on AWS (Running Docker on AWS)

Serverless Application Development (My very first series)

More series and workshops are on the way. Again thank you very much for your positive feedback.

Much Love,
– Manoj




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