What Is An Email Client? | GoDaddy

What Is An Email Client? | GoDaddy

What is an email client? If you send or receive email, chances are you’ve used an email client at one time or another, whether you know it or not. For more details about email clients visit: https://www.godaddy.com/help/email-client-tutorials-1000?cvosrc=video.youtube_organic.us_how-to&cvo_creative=h2aUnoUGPU0isc=ythowto

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn what an email client is. To learn about webmail, watch the video: “What is webmail?”

All email travels over the Internet and is stored on email servers.

An email server can belong to a webmail provider, like Gmail; an Internet Service Provider, like Comcast; or a web hosting provider, like GoDaddy.

You can think of an email server like the post office, where your mail is collected and stored until it’s delivered to you.

Webmail and email clients are two ways you can send and receive email.

An email client is a software program you install on your computer that allows you to interact with an email server.

To send or receive new email, an email client must be connected to the Internet and configured to access your service provider’s email servers.

The email client retrieves your mail from your provider’s servers and downloads it to your computer’s hard drive.

Once the client has retrieved your email, you can read it at your convenience and continue to access it, even when you’re not online.

Popular email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Think of an email client like your local postal carrier.

Every day, your carrier retrieves your mail from the post office and brings it directly to your home or business, so you can view it whenever it’s convenient for you. Your mail stays with you until you throw it away.

By storing emails locally, as opposed to on the servers at a webmail provider, an email client ensures you always have access to the messages you’ve received.

Local storage also means you control the backup of all your messages, contacts, and folders. With local storage you can easily move your email to another provider, or encrypt messages and store them wherever you choose.

If you’re using your email account for a business, an email client may offer more advanced mailbox management functionality than that of a webmail website.

Many email clients offer features such as flags, categories, folders and filters that can help business owners organize and prioritize their busy inboxes.

However email clients are not without their own challenges.

An email client must be configured to work with your provider’s email servers. While configuration is not a difficult task, an email client must be configured on every device you want to use. In a multi-device world, some may find this a tedious task.

So… webmail or email client? Which is for you?

Solutions such as Office 365 email from GoDaddy offer the freedom of webmail access and the ability to utilize email clients like MS Outlook and Apple Mail. So don’t choose, use both!

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