How To Make A Beautiful WordPress Website 2019 – Tutorial For Beginners

How To Make A Beautiful WordPress Website 2019 – Tutorial For Beginners

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We’re going to go through a complete website creation and I’m going to show you the very best and easiest way of getting your new website online from start to finish.

I’m going to be with you every step of the way so you’re never going to be stuck and this is going to be no hassle whatsoever. It’s the quickest and most effective way of doing this.

This is what you’re going to be creating. Just have a look at this beautiful header, so if you’re a beginner or even if your more experienced, this is going to help you out so much because I’m also going to give you lots of tips and tricks to getting your website out there and the best way of creating a new website, and here’s your about page.

Again, a beautiful animation comes up and a contact page.
This website that we’re going to be creating together is inspired by people like apple and Mashable because all of these people use a beautiful big header at the top.

Just like this is inspiring and it draws people in. So hope you’re excited. Are you ready to get your new website online? Let’s get to it. Okay, I can’t wait to get going with this.

I’m really excited to create your new website with you. The first step is to choose a domain name and we’re going to be doing that in a minute. In the second step, we’re going to be creating a website and then the third step is called a share, like and repeat.

And this is all about me giving you some tips and tricks of my own that I use all the time to get your website out there and build your brand. So all really exciting stuff.

So let’s start on step number one. And for this step, all you need to do is click on the link in the description of this video. So if you’re watching this video on youtube, just go down to the description and find this link and click on that and it’s going to take you over to and you’re gonna be saving up to 60% by using hostgator because we’ve teamed up with hostgator and we’ve managed to get you up to 60% off your web hosting.

(When you sign up for Hostgator through my coupon code (wordpresshero) I will earn a commission for referring you, at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to create this awesome content for you.)

This is a huge saving for you, so I do really encourage you to do this with us and by using hostgator. So you definitely want to click on get started now. So just click on get started now and it will take you over to this page. And in here is where you choose your new website’s name, which is also called a domain name.

And all you do is type that in here where it says search for a domain name. So you would type in whatever you want for your website name here, and then you can choose Anything that you’d like, is down there. So do that right now.

The business plan is probably the best one to use if you want to set up a shop, but we’re not going to do that in this video.

But of course, if you’d like to do that, you want to choose business. Baby plan means you can have unlimited domains and the hatchling plan is just for one domain. So I’m just going to have the hatchling plan.

This is absolutely incredible if you’ve never used wordpress before. A theme is like I said, the look and the feel of your website is how it functions. So as you can see how you’ve got a few themes already installed and these are WordPress’s default themes right now.

The active theme is 2019 so the look and feel would be how it looks like right there. And then the 2017 to the right of that. So let’s click on add new theme right here. And this is going to take you to WordPress’s thousands and thousands of different themes available.

And you know, feel free to look through these sometime but you don’t need to right now because we have found the best theme to use and it’s called ocean WP. So just search for ocean WP in the search right here and here it is. It will appear here. And then all you do is click on install and activate.

And ocean WP has everything you need for a website, for a blog, for a shop. It does everything. It’s a pretty incredible theme. It’s actually probably the best theme we’ve ever used. A website’s made easy, so we don’t really bother using anything else is one of the best themes we’ve ever come across.

So as you can see now your new active themes, ocean WP, and you’ll have a little notification up here saying this theme recommends the following plugins, Elementor and ocean extra. So let’s begin installing these because we’re going to use those going forwards.

So let’s click on begin and stalling. And then from the dropdown, nope, sorry, you need to click here to select both of these and then from the drop down, click on install and apply and that will start installing and activating those plugins. Perfect. There we go. And don’t worry about this error.

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