Joomla Custom CSS Module

Joomla Custom CSS Module

The Custom CSS Module has to be my most favourite design oriented joomla extensions of all time. Yup, quite a statement but if you haven’t heard of this little module then stand by for a treat.

Put simply, the module allows you to add custom CSS to any menu item or article. That’s right,  you can add different styles to different pages of your Joomla website without the need for changes of template (or template styles in J.1.6+) for specific pages.

Fo example, say you wanted a different background image for each of your menu pages it’s a complete breeze with this module.

It’s an absolute storming bit of kit this mod and is almost a default install on every new site I build.

The following joomla tutorial shows how you can use this to great effect  – in this example we have a different background image for each page of our website.

Enjoy, feedback and happy templating!


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