[PART 6] How to Add Products In WooCommerce – WordPress Web Design Hindi Tutorial

[PART 6] How to Add Products In WooCommerce – WordPress Web Design Hindi Tutorial

Hi Friends, Today I going to discuss… How to Add Products In WooCommerce Store / WordPress Online Store.

Add products to Woocommerce more easily by following our handy WordPress Video guide – with easy to follow screenshots to make life really simple.

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Simple Product – this is a single physical product that has no variations.

Simple Product Virtual – an example of this would be a service, such as hourly consulting.

Simple Product Downloadable – this is both virtual and downloadable, such as an ebook or a music file.

Grouped Product – A collection of products that are related but can be purchased separately. An example would be different models of the iMac from Apple.

External/Affiliate Product – A product your will add to your store but buyers will be sent to another site to purchase it. Affiliates work well or products you may make a commission on.

Variable Product – Some products will have different variations and multiple images. For example a t-shirt, that comes in different sizes and colors, with different prices.

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