Send emails through AmazonSES from SMTP clients –

Send emails through AmazonSES from SMTP clients –

It’s now possible to send emails through Amazon SES from SMTP clients like Outlook and Exchange

Watch a video introducing this application and showing it in action.

The utility does more than just forward emails to SES

Acts as an SMTP ‘smart host’ and SES gateway for any SMTP client
Run as a Windows service or can be run on the desktop
Allows you to define the Amazon account through which SES emails are sent
Allows an administrator to send an email to request a statistics report
Allows an administrator to add, delete and list verified addresses by sending an email to a predefined email address
Automatically removes headers added by MS Exchange which are not supported by SES (such as the non-standard ‘acceptlanguage’ header it includes and which Amazon rejects)
Spools received messages to disk and queues them to be sent to SES
Relays emails via SES using multiple threads so potentially many emails may be uploading at the same time
Automatically limits the sending rate to the limit reported by Amazon SES
At present the new Amazon Simple Email Service is only accessible when sending using the new APIs. The AWS team has provided a script which can be used to forward mail from Postfix to SES. But if you don’t have access to a Linux box running Postfix the SES service is out of reach. In the webinar on Friday 11th Feb the presenter mentioned that an SMTP service is on their list of things to provide but right now there’s no easy way for an Exchange administrator or Outlook user to route some or all of their email through SES.

To make it possible for Outlook and Exchange to send email via SES, Lyquidity provides an SMTP Server for Amazon SES. Developed using Microsoft .NET the utility is able to run as a Windows service or as a Daemon on Linux under Mono to provide an SMTP gateway to SES.

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