windows server 2019 tips and tricks

windows server 2019 tips and tricks

Here’s windows server 2019 tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will also work on most older versions of Windows server and some even on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 as they share the same kernel with their related server operating systems. You can easily jump around using the chapters to the exact windows server 2019 tips and tricks that you want to see!

We are going to cover the following tips in this video:

0:00 – Beginning of the windows server 2019 tips and tricks video
1:24 – 1. We are going to cover adding disk access information to the task manager

2:14 – 2. Enabling RDP via the registry and GUI

3:58 – 3. uninstalling the media player

4:51 – 4. Changing the server edition

5:51 – 5. Forcing safe mode in windows server 2019

7:17 – 6. BPA via powershell in windows server 2019

8:50 – 7. Changing between MBR and GPT partitions in windows server 2019

10:42 – 8. exporting baseline of scheduled tasks in windows server using PowerShell

15:01 – 9. Set processor count in windows

16:14 – 10. Diskmax an easy way to cleanup Windows and optimize the system

19:42 – 11. Set GUI to performance in windows

PowerShell script used for #8

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