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BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ is a world-wide leader in Web Hosting and Internet Solutions. The privately held company, based in North-Eastern Pennsylvania, services clientele in over 100 countries around the world. BurstNET® began in 1991 as a computer hardware/software retail firm and distributorship. Shortly after incorporating in late 1996, the company quickly made the transition to providing Internet services. BurstNET® established itself in the industry prior to the explosion of the Web Hosting market. The company has experienced exceptional growth and currently hosts 10000+ Dedicated Servers and Co-located machines, 20000+ Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and millions of websites. The primary revenue source of the firm is derived from providing clientele with a presence on the Internet in the form of a Web site. A Web site, which consists of information and data unique to each particular client that is stored on a computer (a.k.a "server"), allows the client to make information concerning its business, operations, products and services widely available over the Internet to other Internet users. Typically, BurstNET® provides the high-end computers where our clients' Web site information is stored on a shared basis with other clientele. Larger clientele may opt for a whole computer system dedicated to provide their needs for large capacity usage and higher visitor traffic. For clientele with the resources and knowledge to provide/operate their own computer equipment and software, BurstNET® offers facility space leasing (Colocation), providing them with space to house their equipment, in our Data Center. Finally, BurstNET® offers an expanding menu of extra features and add-ons, such as Domain Name Registration Services (Providing www.yourname.com addresses), Internet transit & transport service (Internet connectivity), Reseller Services (Anonymous & branded backend marketing of BurstNET® services), and an Affiliate Program. BurstNET® helps individuals and businesses establish a presence on the Internet with low-cost solutions, and offers services that allow them to seamlessly migrate to higher end services as their internet presence matures and expands. BurstNET® has pioneered the evolution of cost-effective Web Hosting services, and is known to provide the most affordable high bandwidth allowances in the Web Hosting industry. BurstNET® offers comprehensive Web Hosting solutions, including Shared/Virtual hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation services. With innovations in control panel technology, and hosting package offerings, BurstNET® continues to stay one step ahead of the competition. The high quality packages offered are considered some of the best values in the industry. BurstNET® prides itself with a high level of technical support presented to clients. Case in point: The company was one of the first hosting firms to offer real-time ICQ & AIM Messaging and Chat support services. BurstNET® is one of the few hosting firms to offer both Linux & Microsoft Windows™ solutions. The company's data backup and storage methods allow for quick recovery in the form of daily, weekly and monthly files in case of data loss. All BurstNET® equipment and servers are owned by the company and housed in the state of the art BurstNET® Data Center in Scranton PA, USA, and other BurstNET® global Data Center locations. There are thousands of Web Hosting companies in the industry, mostly smaller firms, but very few actual Data Centers. BurstNET® is one of a small number of Web Hosting companies that actually owns and maintains its own Data Center. Along with our end-user/retail clientele, the company has an extensive network of resellers, affiliates, and web developers that market BurstNET® services. Many Web Hosting companies private label BurstNET® services to provide their own line of Web Hosting and Internet solutions. BurstNET® is the back-end to many well-known firms in the industry. Small to medium sized companies find an outsourced hosting solution more cost-effective, because they typically lack the technology expertise, IT resources, capital, personnel, or ability to bear the time-to-market and operating risks to install, maintain and monitor their own web servers and Internet connectivity. The cost to install and maintain a web server in-house for a business can sometimes cost 10+ times that of an outsourced solution with a Web hosting company such as BurstNET®.

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