Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2012 | Best WordPress Blog Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2012 | Best WordPress Blog Plugins What are the best WordPress plugins to install for your blog in 2012? Slow page loads, blog design, social bookmarking plugins, & SEO plugins for wordpress can help your blog dramatically!

12 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2012

Here is my list of the Top 12 WordPress Plugins I would upload and put on your WordPress blog immediately:

Akismet – Spam is a MAJOR issue when you start a WordPress Blog. The Akismet Plugin is great for eliminating spam from your website, and saves you a ton of time and hassle. This is the #1 Plugin to get immediately when starting a blog
SEOPressor – If you’re new to blogging, or even if you’re experienced, SEOPressor takes care of the most important part of your blog post in regards to traffic. It holds your hand with on page SEO. Take the guessword out of how to lay out your page with the SEOPressor Plugin. It’s incredible!
All in One SEO Pack or Platinum SEO Pack – Both of these WordPress plugins are very helpful in writing good descriptions and titles for your pages when they are seen by views on the search engines. You can also include keywords or tags with these two plugins. Choose the one you like the best, but these are two of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress.
Cevher Share or a Sharing Sidebar – I use Cevher Share and it helps to increase shares because this plugin displays on the left or right side of your blog post and highly visible.
CommentLuv – CommentLuv is great for increasing comments on your blog, which keeps your views engaged in your content. Other bloggers also like it because when they leave a comment, they can also insert a backlink to their site. You want to entice more comments on your blog if possible. Google likes interactive, dynamic blogs, and CommentLuv is a must have WordPress plugin.
SexyBookmarks or a Bookmark Plugin – Bookmarks are similar to Cevher Share, but they go at the top or bottom of your page to encourage likes or shares to Social Media Channels. One of these type of WordPress plugins help distribute your content easily to other people’s social networks. I like Sketch bookmarks as well. Get one of these plugins asap!
Ultimate Follow Me – The Ultimate Follow Me Plugin helps put your Social Network sites in the sidebar which allows visitors to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or even Subscribe to your RSS feeds. Other plugins like this are available, so choose the one you like and place it near the top of your sidebar.
TubePress – I just stumbled upon TubePress and I use it on my “Training Videos” page. It’s very simple to set up, but great for Video Marketers and keeping people on your site longer. Feature your best videos, and use the shortcode [Tubepress] on a page, and your videos show up immediately. Very cool WordPress Plugin!
ContactForm by – I love this WordPress plugin. It places a Contact Form that floats on the left side of your blog, and encourages people to email you at all times when reading. It sends you an email alert with the full description, etc, and saves those emails to use later when you’re reaching out to your list. One of my faves
AdSense – We’ve all heard of Adsense, and this is a great plugin to help you monetize your blog. You simply get the code from Google, place this WordPress Plugin in the sidebar, and when someone clicks on the ads…you get paid. Very simple to install this plugin, and a great way to make money online with Google.
Ultimate Tag Cloud and/or Popular Posts WordPress Plugins – Tag Clouds and Popular Posts are good for getting your viewers to visit multiple pages on your site. They also help with SEO imo with on page links to other pages on your site. They just look pretty cool too, so it wouldn’t hurt to have one of these on your page.
WP Super Cache – This WordPress Plugin is high up on my small list for one reason. It makes your blog load much quicker! The thing it does is store a static version of your web site which makes it utilize way less CPU…. Leading to really fast load times! Huge help for ones overall site’s success. (people hate waiting for pages to load)
So that’s the top 12 WordPress plugins for 2012 that I would recommend setting up once you start your WordPress blog. There are literally thousands of other WordPress plugins to choose from, but these 12 should prove very useful to most bloggers. Google XML Sitemap is good, Simple Social Bookmarks, SEO SMart Links, and many others are good as well. If you have any suggestions for me, or for my viewers, please leave a comment here. I’d love to hear your feedback!


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